youtube video upload jio phone | यूट्यूब डेस्कटॉप अपलोड

 youtube video upload jio phone | यूट्यूब डेस्कटॉप अपलोड

Hi guys today I’m gonna share the information on how to upload a youtube video upload jio phone. If you have been searching for how to upload a youtube video upload jio phone then you are at the right place. This post will help a lot to upload the videos from your jio phone or यूट्यूब डेस्कटॉप अपलोड. So read the full article to know all the information regarding this. 

यूट्यूब डेस्कटॉप अपलोड



Click here to upload a Youtube video

Steps to youtube video upload jio phone:

  • Now take your jio mobile phone. Open the Youtube application on the home screen. You have to log in with your Gmail account and password to upload the youtube videos. 
  • Now close the Youtube application and open the browser application
  • In the search box search for Youtube Upload or click here
  • Click on the first website and login with your email and password 
  • Then you will get an option called uploading videos. यूट्यूब डेस्कटॉप अपलोड click on that select a video clip from your file storage
  • Then video upload will start. Check whether do you have the required data to upload your video
  • After the uploading of the file, YOu have to do the SEO to rank your video on youtube
  • Enter the name of the video according to the keyword. Keyword is a sentence which mostly searched by the users
  • Now in the description write about your video in 200 to 300 words. Enter keywords on the description
  • Also, give the internal and external link in the description youtube video upload jio phone
  • Upload a suitable thumbnail to attract the users by seeing it
  • Tags are very important to tell the video and rank your video to that tags
  • Attach the cards on your video to improve your channel video views
  • Attach end cards to your video to improve views

youtube video upload jio phone online:    

Nowadays many people use smart mobile phones. Youtube is a major role in our day to day life. Many of the people learning from the youtube application. It contains different types of categories like Entertainment, education, trailers and music etc.,

Some people successfully earn money online such as youtube, affiliate marketing, online business etc., Youtube also helps you to earn money online. They post their skills and talent in recorded video format and upload them on youtube. You can show your talent on youtube. 

You are the self or individual employee on youtube. You cannot work under anyone. You are the owner of your channel. If you have created you can rule in the youtube channel. Content is very important in youtube channels. youtube video upload jio phone Users will be satisfied with you then you will get more views, comments, and likes. 

Youtube is an American online video sharing application. Where you can share videos around the world. Youtube will allow the users to upload the rate, share, like, comment on the videos. Nowadays Tv shows, movie trailers, Music videos, documentaries, streams, and blogging videos shared on the internet. 

youtube video upload jio phone

यूट्यूब डेस्कटॉप अपलोड:

  • You have a Youtube channel with a valid Gmail account
  • Upload the creative videos in the Youtube
  • 4000 hours watch time is required in one year
  • Your channel should not reach more than three copyrights
  • Then you will eligible for applying for AdSense(youtube video upload jio phone)
  • The Youtube team will review your channel according to their policies. If your channel met their qualities then your channel get approved for Adsense
  • You shouldn’t post the videos in violation of youtube policies

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