Walter Black Pubg Apk Download For Free

Hi guys, In this article, we will provide the Walter Black Pubg Apk Download For Free. Read the full article to know how to download and install and Walter Black Pubg Apk for free. Many of the users difficult to find to this apk and download it. 

After the restrictions released by India. Pubg is lost control from India. Its profit is reduced a lot. But the attracted users are playing the Pubg game even it is restricted. 

Some of the users are very interested to win in this game, however. By using this Walter Black Pubg APK. you can unlock the features which not in the official Pubg.

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After even the restrictions the Pubg game is more popular day by day. more of the users have been looking for different ways to unlock the Pubg game with all features. You can also get more rewards to unlock the new characters, Game skins etc.,

Some of the hack features are Aimbot, speed hack, Wallhack etc., In Aimbot automatically the aim to the enemies without losing your aim. You can also save more time and ammo with these features. By speed hack you can run like flash in the game. Your moves are cannot appear to the opponents. By Wallhack feature you can shot even in the houses or anywhere your bullets go through or penetrate through the walls also. 

This Walter black Pubg game apk has been gaining more popularity day by day by Pubg mobile users. You can also earn more points and level ups with this Walter Black Pubg Apk Download.

How to Download and Install Walter Black Pubg Game Apk:

  • Click on the download button to download Walter Black Pubg Apk. 
  • Wait for some time you will redirect to the download page or your download will be started automatically
  • After downloading the file go to your File Manager and open the Android folder then open the file Obb and select “com.tencent.ig”
  • change the name of the folder to the “com.tencent.ig1”
  • Now open the data folder from the file manager. Now there is a file name called “com.tencent.ig”
  • change it into the “com.tencent.ig2”

Features of Walter Black Pubg Game Apk:

  • Automatic hardening
  • Swap the wall
  • Auto headshot
  • health increase
  • Automatic Aimbot
  • Shows weapons
  • Scenic cars
  • Show the skeleton
  • Dynamite ESP
  • Vehicle E.S.P.
  • Bullet rain
  • Airdrop ASP
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