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Hi, guys today I will give full Information about Green Kinemaster Pro Apk Download for free. I think many of the users have been searching for a good editing application. Green Kinemaster is a powerful application to edit your videos. So this article will help a lot why Green Kinemaster Pro Apk is important. Read the full article to know the full information about green kinemaster pro apk.

What is green kinemaster pro apk:

green kinemaster pro apk


green kinemaster pro apk is a powerful tool to edit videos. It is a top-rated video editing application for android mobile phones. Nowadays many android mobile users are increased day by day. Daily thousands of social media applications are developed and released on the play store and on different platforms. There are different types of software are available for Personal Computers (PC). But for android mobile phones, we have to use different types of applications are used for different types of uses. We have to use one application for adding sounds to the videos. Trimming and editing use another application for it. If we want effect we have to use another application.

But If we use Green Kinemaster Pro Apk we can edit those things within just one app. It has a lot of features inbuilt it. It reduces our time and hard work. If you want to edit your videos for social media apps this application will help a lot. I have been using this application for so many days I would recommend this application for you. 

It is also supported for I phone users. Many of the users struggling with applications install in I phone. This article will help a lot for them also. You can export your videos very easily by using this application. Firstly this application is run analyzing your device so it will provide the features according to your mobile phones.  It will take some time to analyze your mobile wait for some time. 

You can also save project works after reinstalling this app your data also remain the same until the removal of your cache and data. This application is available on the play store. But if you want it from the play store application and to unlock it with all features you have to pay money to them. But we would provide this green kinemaster pro apk for free. 

Why special:

This application is so special because it has so many features in this single application. Many of the people using this app around the world. It is available for all users around the world. different types of layers, stickers, effects, text fonts, transitions, effects are available in this app. You can also handwrite on your videos.  you can import videos and images from the gallery very easily.  Also, you can import from your cloud storage. The images and videos appear in thumbnail format so you can select by seeing those previews.

All folders are appeared from your phone to select from the gallery. you can make videos very fastly by using this application. Your selected video or image appears below the bar. It is called a timeline. You have to edit those videos from those sections. By click on the middle of the circle, you will directly click the image from there also. You can also record the videos from this application directly. 

This application has a lot of features and available in less size of MB. This application is very user friendly. If you are a beginner then you can expert within minutes. You can export and import the different types of formats as mentioned below. You can also preview the edited video instantly. Many of the mobile editors recommend this application. 

This application is mostly used by the YouTubers, Students, and photographers etc., You can also extract the audio from any video very easily. You can change the audio effects to robotic and some crazy voices. 

Why green kinemaster pro apk:

In the official kinemaster application, you have to pay the money for premium features. But in the green Kinmaster pro apk, you will get it for free. If you are a Youtuber you can share to youtube directly from this application.  If you use the official kinemaster you will get a watermark for edited videos. You can remove that watermark by using green kinemaster pro apk. 

you can redirect to the starting and ending of the video frame very easily. If you are new to mobile editing then it will help a lot to create awesome videos by using this application. 

How to use  green kinemaster:

Open the green kinemaster app after the installation on your mobile phone. then select your aspect ratio according to the video creation. I recommend a 16:9 aspect ratio for youtube videos. 9:16 is for Whatsapp full-screen sharing. 1:1 raion is rarely used. Now on the righthand side, you will see a circle shape. In that, there are different options like layer, media, audio, voice and in center record and capture options are there. 

Now click on media and select photos and videos from the gallery. Then your selected video appears on the timeline. Now if you want to remove audio from that video select video and press on the extract audio option. then below your video, your audio track will appear then select it press the delete option. Now you can add your desired video or you can record the audio by pressing on the voice option.

you can also add transitions between two slides. There are a lot of inbuilt transitions in green kinemaster pro apk. you can also add new transitions from the store. You can trim the video by click on the scissor symbol the trim on the left side or trim on the right side or split ahead. By pressing on color adjustment you can adjust brightness, contrast, and color depth.

Color filters are useful to change the look of your video. You can add clip graphics to look great. Vignette is useful to dark on side of the video frame. you can also animate the text and images by inserting keyframes wherever you want it. But this option for the layer option only. You can also add effects like drop from the top, bottom, side etc., there are different types of animation are available like in animation and out animation. 

There is an important option in the kinemaster like this option very much. Blending options by using this you will create awesome videos. You have to adjust the brightness after the use of the screen option for a better view. 

Creativity Application:

How much creativity you have you will create new videos by using this application. You can also earn money by making creative posts and publish on social media platforms.  For example Youtube there are a number of YouTubers who are earning money from it. You can create different types of videos on different types of occasions. You can add different types of gif and images on your video very easily for a great look of your videos. 

No watermark:

A lot of members are facing this problem after created the videos. Watermark has appeared if you are not a Prime user.  It is disgusting to post videos on social media. But if you use green kinemaster pro apk then you will not get a watermark on your videos. Many of the people try to crop the video where water appears. It has a disadvantage our video does not appear full contents. You can also add your own logo to your video to create copyrights. If watermark on your videos your video cannot copy by the other peoples. 


  • Free: This application is available for free on the play store application. But in 
  • Tools
  • Text styles
  • Add sounds
  • Speed control
  • Transitions
  • Built-in camera
  • Sharing options
  • Themes
  • Reverse video
  • Time-lapse
  • Audio fade in and fade out
  • Video fade in and fade out
  • Export 4k quality
  • Green background remove
  • Keyframe
  • Multilayer
  • Trim and split
  • Text
  • Aspect ratio
  • Voice changer
  • More than 1000+ GIF and stickers
  • Noise maintenance
  • Photofit in and fill in
  • Chroma Key

what’s  new

In the previous version, problems are solved in this version. I think your problems will be solved in this version. 

Format supported:

Input video format: MP4(H.264 Main/Baseline/AAC-LC/PCM/High profile),3GP((H.264 Main/Baseline/AAC-LC/PCM/High profile),MOV(H.264 Main/Baseline/AAC-LC/PCM/High profile)

Audio Formats: MP3,AAC,M4A,WAV formats

Export Video Formats: MP4 format

Image Formats: JPEG, PNG, BMP, WEBP, GIF formats

App information:

Name of the application: Green KineMaster

Category: Video Editor

Current Version:5.4.1

Size of green kinemaster application: 35.1 MB

Price: Free

Total Downloads:51 Million Plus( On Play Store)

User Rating:10/10

Requirement: Android 2.3+

Updated on:11 Jan 2021

kinemaster asset store:

In the kinemaster asset store, you will get different types of  3d animations are available. Simply you can download the templates and install them on the kinemaster application. 

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To use the kinemaster app you have to allow the kinemaster permission. You have to obey the kinemaster privacy policy rules.  You have to allow the storage permissions to save the documents on your storage. Allow the mic permissions and security permissions on your mobile.  

How to download:

  • To download the green kinemaster app click on the download button provided on the page. 
  • After that, you redirect to a page then click on the download button
  • Your download will be started automatically on your screen
  •  Check the download location before going to download
  • It is easy to check the file after completion downloading
  • Follow the below procedure to install the green kinemaster pro apk

how to install:

  • Now press on the application then click on the install button
  • Allow from the unknown sources if you are using the first time of this application
  • Then it will take some time to install the application according to your mobile capability
  • An icon appears on the screen
  • Now open the app and enjoy

supported mobile and pc:

It supported for both mobile as well as Pc. It is specially made for android users. You can also use in laptop if you like this green kinemaster pro apk. 

Problems faced:

you cannot use unlimited layers on the kinemaster application. Some times you will face not opening the app. You can trim the minimum length of the video clip 1 second. The maximum length is unlimited. Image and solid color clips length is 0.75 seconds. The maximum length of the image and the solid color is 30 minutes. Audio clips maximum length is unlimited and the minimum length is 0.1 seconds. Layers including video and image layers are Minimum length of 0.1 seconds and the maximum length is unlimited. 

You should not use another application while you export the video. You will face the codec init failed this problem while exporting the video. This can be solved by some methods. 

  1. Update the green Kinemaster pro application: Make sure that you are using the latest version of the green kinemaster application.  
  2. Don’t use the screen recorder while exporting: Try to turn off the screen recorder while exporting the video. Otherwise, your exporting started from the beginning.
  3. Reboot the device: You face the video encoder problems than simply reboot the device to fix this problem.
  4. Don’t use other applications: You should not use other applications like youtube, Instagram, and picture in picture mode. 


  1. is green kinemaster pro apk is safe or not?

A: Green kinemaster pro apk is a third-party application. it is your responsibility is there any problems occur. but if you have face any problem with the security then you can download kinemaster from the play store application. But you have to unlock the premium features with some money. 


the overall conclusion is that it is the best application for editing videos on your mobile phone. If you are a beginner try to use this app for video editing.  If you have any talent regarding creating new videos. Then it will help a lot to make some money and fun by using this green kinemaster pro apk. If this article help for share to your friends. If you have any doubt then comment in below section. 


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