Gate candidates can now changes via Online portal 2021

 Gate candidates can now changes via Online portal 2021:

The registration portal for Graduate Aptitude Test(GATE) is reopened. It is a good chance for candidates to modify their exam location(city), Category and paper. Nowadays many of the engineering students want to go for higher studies or better jobs. 

Gate exams are very important for them. It is helpful to your career. Based on this exam score some  of the companies select directly. If any details are wrong on your application you have to change the details. 

Moreover, 11 new locations are added across the country. Now candidates have more choices for exam locations. Officials said that candidates can change their details between October 28 to November 13.

Graduate Aptitude Test (GATE) is conducted by only on top institutions across India. Like Delhi, Bombay, Kanpur, Madras, Guwahati and Roorkee. Gate 2021 is conducted by the IIT Bombay. These examinations are overseen by the National Coordination Board(NCB). Along with the Department of Higher  Education and the central Ministry of Education.

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