Fast motion sliding mp3 download

Hi friends, Today I’m gonna share a beautiful editing video editing tutorial with the song. If you are a beginner see that video that I have posted today. Add different types of photos to look awesome in your video. 

Download the latest song to your videos very easily. Click on the download button to download the song which I have play in the video. After the click on the download button, your file will be downloaded automatically. Otherwise please comment in the comment section.  
For more videos like this please like, share, and comment on the videos. If you encouraged me I would make new videos.
For this type of editing, you will need a kinemaster app. If you are using an official kinemaster which is available on playstore you cannot use all features. If you want to unlock the all features of the kinemaster. Click on the green kinemaster mod apk which I have given in the description. 
Firstly, open the kinemaster app and click on add media. From your library add your different photos to edit the video. You can add photos wherever you want it. Add a video clip from your library. Now click on the layer then click on effects. Now apply mirror effect to your video.
If the mirror effect is not shown you have to download it from the store. Now add another photo from your library. Now go to the first frame and add glitch effect and in animation or out animation according to yours.

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