Cooling Towers In Thermal Power Station:

Cooling Towers In Thermal Power Station:

The Demand for electrical power has increased in this condition there is no land for large power plants near the rivers. The present trend is to locate the power stations to the load centers using large cooling towers near the power stations and away from the river areas. 

A cooling tower is a semi-enclosed device for the purpose of evaporative cooling of water by contact with air. It is constructed by using Steel or concrete structure and pierce trays are provided inside the cooling tower for better cooling of water. 

The hot water coming out from the condenser is given to the cooling water to cool the water. That water is sprinkled from the top of the tower to cool down the water. The tower is perpendicular to the direction of air, So it gives an effective cooling.

Types Of Cooling Towers:

  • Atmospheric Cooling Towers
  • Natural Drought Tower
  • Forced or Induced Draught towers

 Atmospheric Cooling Towers:

In this cooling tower, hot water is falling on louvers. The water is cools down due to the air flowing in the transverse direction. But these are small rated towers.  

Natural Drought Tower:

Natural drought towers are closely built structures that are in tall height. The cooling depends on the temperature of the air and the height of the tower. These towers are a very large cooling capacity. 

Forced Drought Cooling Towers:

In this type of cooling a fan is required to cool down the water temperature. The hot water is sprinkled over a tube and is cooled by the cooling fans.  

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